Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year 2017!


2016 was an important year for Argan Care as we really got started with our fantastic development and sustainability project in Morocco. 

We teamed up with the right partners to embark on this important journey on. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with the top experts within the Argan field. They have the knowledge about the best techniques for planting Argan trees, the interest to do more research that can improve the status of the forest, including research on medicinal plants that can be of huge value to the local people. Our partner, Ibn Al Baytar, founded by the “Godmother of Argan”, Dr. Zoubida Charrouf, has studied Argan for years and is the founder of the first ever women’s argan oil cooperative. It’s safe to say women and the local people are always our number one priority in everything we do. Protecting the Argan forest is a fantastic way of helping the people living within that area, both adults and children. 

Let’s not forget that protecting the forest also have positive consequences for all of us living far away from Morocco. -Trees are the lungs of the world 🙂

So..THANK YOU, Ibn Al Baytar for all the expertise, the hands on work you do and the passion to help. THANK YOU, Mitsui, our other partner, for being a company that has a strong sense of social responsibility. 

It’s been a fun year too getting the word out about what we do. We have grown our following on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms, creating a space for people and businesses that wants to be part, however way they can, in what we do. We’ve had fundraising dinner events and a clothing swap party back in Norway, we did a crowdfunding campaign, we’ve had a fundraising auction.. You name it!

A HUGE thank you to all of you who have supported us in 2016. We are depending on you to continue to do what we do. 

We wish to grow our organization in 2017, raise the funds we need, keep doing important awareness-raising campaigns and keep growing the Argan Care Family. 

We hope to have your continued support in 2017 ♥

Wishing you a prosperous year filled with happiness!

On behalf of Argan Care, 
– Benedicte, founder